Prepare for the TOEFL exam with AOI College of Languages located in sunny Orange County. We offer English language classes year round, emphasizing intensive vocabulary, reading, listening and grammar skills. We will help you score high on the TOEFL exam and increase your chances of attending a good university in the United States. We’ll also teach you the skills you need to improve your test taking abilities and tackle the exam with confidence. At the end of your session, we administer the Institutional TOEFL test.

Our instructors are very qualified and committed to offering our students the utmost care and attention. No matter what your level, you will notice rapid improvement in your speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension skills through class exercises and conversations. When you leave Orange County, you could be speaking like the locals!

Orange County TOEFL Preparation Can Be Enjoyable

You will attend class with students from around the world, making it easy for your to meet new friends from diverse backgrounds. Like you, many are also studying for the TOEFL and will be good sources of language practice. After class, spend some time exploring Orange County and the rest of Southern California, as you are not far from many of the most exciting places in the United States.

In addition, we can place you in a home stay with an American family in Orange County, giving you an excellent chance to engage in language exchange in a real setting. You will also gain an insight into the American lifestyle and family life. For further information, e-mail us or call (949) 856-1700. You can also use our convenient online application form.

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